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We’re not saying you should not do any digital marketing; we’re suggesting you should do both – you won’t know exactly what your prospect or customer is thinking unless you speak to them. They might click on websites, register for an event, or like a few social media posts but how do you know that they either have the intent, or interest in what you’re offering.

To support the work we do when speaking to your prospects and customers and join up the communication, we can also send emails out when needed to follow on from any conversation we have. This helps in the sales process as we can then follow up with another phone call to discuss the information sent in the email.

If you need help on the marketing side, for example need a new website, looking for support with social media, or want to understand more about how email campaigns work then we work with partners to get this done.
If you’d like to chat on how we can be your voice then do get in touch on 07796 132148.